Saturday, October 16, 2010

Good Grief, a Book that Helps the Healing

Recently I was contacted by author and fellow Pet/Animal Chaplain Sid Korpi. After she found our Pet Chaplains website As a result of this contact I was made aware of a most helpful and heart rendering book she has published "Good Grief" in it she shares not only her experience dealing with tragedy but also a range of other peoples experiences with the effect of Loss and over coming the loneliness. Finding the void being replaced and the experience of many pet owners having contact with their deceased pet from beyond the veil. 

This book I highly recommend; not only for those of you that have the misfortune to be coping with the grieving process at present. But for anyone who has a pet or is close to another that has an animal in their lives. 

This book is entertaining as well as powerful enough to pass on to anyone the tools and support strategies required to assist others that maybe going though the stress of lifetime separation from a loved animal whether pet or workmate.

You may order this book from Good Grief of Pet Chaplain (Aust)

It’s worth a look and worth a thought.


Rev. Steve

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